Pierre Larose, Coach

Pierre Larose is an avid underwater hockey player with over 25 years' experience in the game. He has participated in national and international tournaments throughout the years and has played at Worlds three times in Canada's Elite Men's Division (South Africa 1996, San José, California 1998, and Australia 2000, when they won Bronze).

For years, he has contributed to the sport through training and coaching adults of all skill levels. In 2012, he was asked to help train some of the elite women athletes going to Worlds. 

In 2009, Pierre founded the junior UWH program at the Gatineau-Ottawa UWH Club and has since remained focused on preparing junior UWH players - both male and female - for international competitions.

Marie-Renée Blanchet,              Assistant Coach

Marie-Renée is currently an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Laval University, and a part time national level synchronized swimming coach. She has played underwater hockey since 2001, and competed in the last four Women's Elite World Championships, two as a team captain. This is her first official experience as an underwater hockey coach. She is excited to share her  knowledge and love of the game with the next generation of hockey players in Canada!  

Team in Training - Gearing up for Worlds

With members of our team dispersed across Canada, it is difficult for us to practice as a team. Our coaches from east to west stand united in elevating our game and our playing during weekly practices. Many of us train in Olympic facilities and spend many hours a week under water - and that doesn't include the additional hours of land training. Throughout the year, we come together to compete in adult tournaments as Team Canada (U-19).  We also train hard during our Summer Camp to prepare us for the challenges ahead.

News and Events

We are in the News!

April 7-9, UWH Tournament, Québec

The team will unite in April 2017 to compete together in a tournament in Québec City, QC.

We were on TV!

Check out our news coverage on Radio Canada. We appear around the 40 min mark.

March 25, 2015 - on the radio with Guillaume Charbonneau of Radio Canada!

One of our UWH players, Corélia Fruchet, is interviewed by Radio Canada.  Click on the Radio Canada logo to listen to the complete interview with Guillaume Charbonneau.

Underwater hockey was first invented in the 1950s by the British Navy to keep divers fit and improve their ability to move under water.  Today it has become a fast paced, three-dimensional sport played in many countries worldwide. As in any sport, it can get pretty rough.  Bruises, blisters, and sometimes black eyes and broken noses are just part of the game.